Friday, 7 January 2011

So far....

Before I start  uploading new work I thought I'd upload my progress so far.

Here you will see some of the work I've done pre Uni and work from my first year.
Some aren't the best of my ability but I feel they have helped me develop a style and get to the design work that I now achieve.

The Design Studio.
Corporate identity - Logo, business card, letter head and compliment slip.

The brief was to create an Identity for an architecture company. For the logo I used three circles representing many different aspects of buildings/materials e.g. traffic lights, scaffolding. When it came to a joining image I hand drew the the image you can see above. In that image there is the sky line, factories, a collaboration of different architecture.  I scanned that image in and edited it digitally.

Making a word appear like its meaning.

The word I was given was Tizzy - a state of nervous excitement or agitation. 

I don't know about you but when I get that nervous excited feeling it always feels like there is butterflies in my tummy, fluttering around. That is where I got my idea from, using that feeling to make the word. 

Corporate Identity - logo, business card, letterhead, compliment slip and poster. 

Blah Blah Blahs - ride it out. 
Cd cover.

Design for front and back of a cd. The bands name being blah blah blah and the title of album - ride it out. The genre of music was electro pop. To keep in tone with the title and genre I took some photos of a car and my friend. I took the photo's at night so that the headlights would pop more, along with the photo's I went for an electric orange colour, to tie it all together. 

Seven Wonders of Weston.

A series of seven postcards of different 'landmarks' of Weston-Super-Mare. Each postcard was produced from mixed media that was then uploaded and edited along side photographs. 




Once the Postcards had been designed I printed them off and created a fabric envelope for them to sit inside. 

National Trust. 
The design below shows a leaflet design that unfolds to create a poster on the back.




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