Wednesday, 16 February 2011

D & ad

For D & ad I chose to explore the idea of the traveling museum in hospitals.

So far I have chosen the name and from research came up with a concept.
Now for the making part!

The concept behind my designs began when I looked at vintage toys and their packaging, that was due to me thinking about what would appeal to a wide age range. The style of bright fun colours would attract the children and the vintage style would appeal to the older age and remind them of things from their childhood.

For the name I chose 'Den'. Do you remember being a child and building a den? I do, and I always had my teddy with me. I thought about how art is often treasured and when you are a child you would take your most prized possessions into your den. As you got older the place 'Den' changed and would be more of a study, but in that study you would still keep what is close to your heart in there (collectables, books, photos).

Above was my choice for the logos. I decided to go for the top one, as this fitted in with some of my earlier research of hanging puppets and signs. With the circus theme it now almost looks like an acrobat.

The bottom two are in the style of a ticket! One in circus colours and the other in candy-floss colours. The candy-floss colours were chosen after I looked at what you can buy/get at a circus. 

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