Tuesday, 22 February 2011

I Heart Shoelaces and Napkins

I have already uploaded some of my screen prints but for some reason I am now a fanatic of them!

One of the screen prints that I did, the design was hand-rendered (previously I had used designs created on the computer). For this I painted straight onto acetate :

The paint versions of little sketches. 

As the designs are painted straight onto the acetate texture can be created by using different tools. For the shoelaces I thought I'd try some string and see what effect came from it.

What they look like once they have been screen-printed. 

Here you can see what they look like once put on a screen and printed through. The texture of the string didn't really show through , however, the 'messy' edges give it a lot of detail that you wouldn't be able to create on the computer. 

The teacup printed onto a napkin. 

After doing the print of all the sketches I though I'd have a play around with them separately. Above you can see the teacup printed onto a napkin. I love them. I know that sounds a tad arrogant but I think they are quite cute. They could be improved by the amount of paint I use, some go a bit patchy, but once again mistakes are sometimes what makes a piece of design. As one of my old tutors used to call them - "happy accidents." 

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