Saturday, 5 February 2011


Creating an Identity. I went through many different things until I have finally ended up with something I feel is me, and something I like. The others I wasn't 100% happy with, didn't feel they were the right thing to represent me.

How I came to this idea was by thinking about elements of my personality. My Granddad used to describe me as a character and thats what led me to do the sketch that you can see as my header on this blog. I thought about other elements and one thing I tend to do it over think, about a lot of things. As that comes across as negative to a lot of people I thought about things I like and traced some sketches of them.

You can see that there is a flower, a biscuit, some shoes, a cat, a necklace, cup of tea and a doughnut. 
These are things that are often in my day (well maybe not the doughnut, thats more a of weekly thing....).

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